• Each vendor table will be $150. Each vendor is limited to one table. Vendors will also need to purchase a convention badge for each person manning their booth. If you application is accepted we will contact you to arrange payment.
• Organizers and venue shall not be held liable for any damage, injuries, or loss of property.
• Vendor space will be located outside Rosemoor (Main) Ballroom on Friday, August 5th 11 AM – 9 PM; Saturday August 6th, 11 AM – 3 PM
• Vendors will be given access to the vending area starting at 9 AM on both Friday and Saturday. Tables will be preassigned, so there’s no need to rush.
• Organizer and Hotel are not responsible for theft, loss, damages, or bodily injury to the vendor.
• Organizer reserves the right to deny registration to any vendor prior to the event. Organizer also reserves the right to eject any vendor during the event.
• Vendors may bring their own tables and chairs, but given space limitations these must not interfere with other vendors space. No materials may be nailed, pinned, taped, or fastened to the walls or ceilings.
• Vendors must ensure their area is well lit. We bring extension cords to make sure each table has an outlet. However, it is up to to the vendor to bring further extension cords to expand from that outlets for their needs.
Each vendor is responsible for all taxes and licenses required by the State of Rhode Island. RKO Con is working with the State of Rhode Island to get a permit to allow each of you to sell at the convention. At the end of Saturday’s session you will need to fill out a sales tax form. We will have someone dedicated to assist you.
• Vendor is responsible for removal of trash from their area.
• Vendor is responsible for overnight storage of their merchandise. We do not have any locked areas, but the distance to the elevators to your rooms will be minimal.

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