We are setting up early here. You can “peek”, but just keep everything you see here a secret! Until this blue message disappears, this page will change.
We do plan to use the same very dependable bus company we used in 2019, so much of this info should remain very similar with tweaks.


WHO – We are using OCEAN STATE TRANSIT this time.  A MUCH better company than the one from 2016!   
RK-WHOTBD will be your hookup outside.
WHEN – Buses will come into play only for the main event Saturday night.   All other events are a short walk. 
HOW – Each bus seats 47 people.

And here’s what YOU really care about -> We will *NOT* be cycling buses.  
– There will be NO sending back of buses except the performance buses (but that’s extra).
– There will be NO long waits for the next bus to return.  
– We are paying for enough buses to handle ALL of you in ONE pass.  
– Once bus fills up, there’s no wait.  Get on the next one.
Doors open at 6:00 and it’s general admission.  First come, first serve.  Having said that, all seats are pretty good at The Stadium.  


Buses will start showing up about 3:30 PM.
Doors at The Stadium open at 6:00 PM.
The Show begins at 7 PM.  

FIRST TWO BUSES  – Have to leave at 4 pm – The first bus is prioritized for performers in preshows and Rocky Horror.  We recommend performers use this bus.  

BUSES TWO THRU ? TBD will be filling up each bus.  Once he fills a bus, he sends it off.  Then he fills the next bus, and sends it off.  He’ll do this until there are no buses left. DON’T PROCRASTINATE!  

LAST BUS – The last bus has to leave by 5:45 pm in order to get people there on time and not in rush-mode.   If you miss the last bus … Sorry but we cannot make others late because the bus is not filled.


ALL BUSES  – The same buses that dropped you off will be waiting for you outside the theatre.   Without priority, TBD will be filling each bus up and sending them off regardless of time.  He will step outside to the buses after Takeover Scene.  We are operating under the presumption no one will wander off in Woonsocket after the show.  There will be enough buses for all of you without waiting, but at some point the final bus will leave once the crowd is gone.