RKO Con will be providing free bus transportation Saturday night for attendees to and from the Stadium Theater for the all-star shadowcast performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


– Buses will start to arrive at the Hilton at 3:30 PM

– Doors at The Stadium open at 6:00 PM

– The Show begins at 7 PM 

– The last bus has to leave no later than 5:45 PM. If you are not on that bus you will need to arrange your own transportation to the theater.

Performer Buses

– We will set aside 2 of the buses just for performers. We encourage performers to ride these early busses.

– The first bus will leave no earlier than 3:30 pm and no later than 4 pm

– The second bus, if needed from the first bus filling up, will leave at 4 p.

Audience Buses

– We will have 3-4 buses set aside to bring the audience to the event

– Starting at 4:30, we can start filling these buses. Once a bus is filled, it will depart and we will start filling the next bus

– The last bus has to leave by 5:45 pm in order to get people there on time and not in rush-mode. If you miss the last bus … Sorry but we cannot make others late because the bus is not filledĀ 


– The buses that dropped you off will be waiting for you outside the theatreĀ 

– There will not be separate busses for performers and audience. You may board any bus.

– Attendees can begin boarding the busses as soon as the Takeover scene in the movie begins.

– Once a bus is filled it will head back to the hotel and we will begin filling the next bus.

– Once we see no one is waiting for a ride, the last bus will ship out.

-If you miss the last bus you will need to arrange your own transportation back to the hotel.