This will show up on RKO CON booklet and web site.
This can be the same as your stage name. If we all know you as one name and your stage name is different, here is the place to say it.
(she/her, he/him, they/them, etc)
Address that we can contact you at.
Help us get to know ya!
If so, what cast? Can we display the cast name? This will show up in RKO CON publications and web sites.
Please describe it to the best of your ability!
There will be a hard due date, currently TBD.
Please include any handles you use. They will be displayed during the performance.
Audition video showcasing your talent. We understand that everyone may not have a polished video of their talent. Living Room videos are totally acceptable! If this is still not possible, feel welcome to send us a description of your act or an audio file, but know that preference will go to those who submit videos.

Videos should be submitted as a link to a video sharing service (youtube, vimeo, dropbox, etc). Please make sure that your link works for other people before you submit!
If you have an audio we will need to play for your act, put it here
Any technical requests you have for your act. This could be lighting, help moving props, video projection, etc. We will do our level best to accommodate SIMPLE requests, but please consider there's a LOT going on so complex things may not be feasible.