We are setting up early here. You can “peek”, but just keep everything you see here a secret! Until this blue message disappears, this page will change.
We have entered into an agreement with the Hilton again. The hotel cannot open up for reservations until 49 weeks out.


21 Atwells Ave, Providence, RI 02903

The Hilton Hotel in Providence did an outstanding job for our event in 2019, and we are excited to work with them again.   They understand all of us. We do ask if you don’t need a double, please book a single to allow for those who really do need the double. The room size for singles is just as big as the double size room.


When you booked your hotel room, the hotel (should have) issued a message warning of a hold on your credit/debit card.   Currently, this has more or less become a standard for most hotels. 

A hold is placed on your card account for the full anticipated amount to be paid to the hotel plus estimated incidentals (50$ PER DAY) based on your time of stay.  If you do not use the hold fee on incidentals, it will be released upon your checkout and returned within 3-5 business days depending on your financial institution. 

Note: If you use a DEBIT CARD this means that the amount of the hold will be taken out of your account by the hotel and put back several days after you check out depending on how long it takes your financial institution to get those funds back to you. So if you plan to use a debit card make sure you have enough funds in your account to cover your hotel stay, the incidental charge of $50 per day, what you expect to spend at the con plus your general living expenses for up to a week after you check out.


Overnight self-parking for the original block is discounted at $25 with in/out privileges (Negotiated price).
Overnight self-parking for the courtesy block and anyone outside the block is  $28 with in/out privileges (Normal price).
Valet is $30 each night with in/out privileges.
Day-parking is $11, but without in/out privileges.

Original Notes From Negotiation

  • Guaranteed Lowest Rate  Other than military discounts,  if hotel rates drop so will yours. This includes AAA.
  • Room Types  The Hilton has a 2:1 ratio of single to double beds.  Rooms with single beds are just as large, thus more open floor space.  We ask (but do not demand) that you book a single if that’s all you need to help out your con-mates.  At some point, there will only be singles. 
  • Multiple Roommates  If you order for > 2 people in a room, the price WILL go higher. 
  • Shoulder Days  If you add a date before or after the 3 days:  Fred currently negotiating with hotel on how to handle that.  Until then …
    • Make a separate reservation for the “shoulder days” of Wednesday or Sunday.
    • No guarantee, but call the hotel and ask what they can do to help you. 
    • Check back here again for a post-negotiated update on this issue.
  • Room Assignments  Currently, we are not concerning ourselves with specific room assignments.   Currently, you are just booking your room(s).  While we cannot make any individual promises on room preferences given your aggregate demands, it is in the contract that Amanda Vetelino will be working with You and the Hotel within the weeks before the con to give you your preferences as close as geometrically possible.
  • Responsibility Block  Currently is for the bottom 3 floors.  If we fill that, we will contact the hotel for either a Responsibility Block or a Courtesy Block to get the next floor up.  We we also be reaching out to overflow hotel candidates.
  • Debit Cards  There will be future announcements regarding hotel policies.  Goal is to eliminate or minimize surprises.
  • Main Ballroom  All main Friday afternoon / evening events and Saturday afternoon events  will be held here.   We will be busing people to/from the Con Main Event from the Hilton.
  • Auxiliary Room  Registration, alternative  events, and of course After Gatherings will be held in the Roger Williams Room which we will have 24×3.