Are you a burlesque dancer? A stand-up comic? A musician? A magician? A side show performer? Something else? RKO Army recognizes and appreciates that this community is made up of multi-faceted, talented performers and we would love to have you perform in our variety show!

Submission Deadline: June 15, 2022.

Please limit act length to 5 minutes so we can have as many performances as possible.

Casts and/or smaller groups are welcome to submit a group act together! Please only submit one application per group.

Rocky's Got Talent is a SEPARATE event from the cast pre-show performances and acts SHOULD NOT be related to Rocky Horror. (Save that for later)

Audition Videos We understand that everyone may not have a polished video of their talent. Living Room videos are totally acceptable! If this is still not possible, feel welcome to send us a description of your act or an audio file (comics, musicians), however priority will go to those who submit videos.

Doing Drag? We have a whole separate night for that this year! Go over to the Drag Race form!
What Should Your Act Be Listed As
What should we call you in the RKO Con booklet or on the website?
If we all know you as one name and your stage name is different, here is the place to say it. This information will not be shared in the RKO Con booklet or on the website.
(she/her, he/him, they/them, etc)
For us to contact you if you are cast
If any. You do not have to be part of a cast. This info will be included in the RKO Con Booklet and on the Website.
All applicants are required to purchase a con ticket. If you have not purchased a ticket by June 15th you will not be eligible to perform.

Audition Materials

Please submit at least one example of your act.
Show us what you got! Videos should be submitted as links to a video sharing service (youtube, vimeo, dropbox, etc). Please make sure that your link works for other people before you submit!
Tell us what you got! Audio should be in .mp3 format.
Briefly explain to us what you got!

Act Accommodations

Need audio for your act? A chair to sit on? Now is the time to say so!
We will do our best to accommodate SIMPLE requests, but please consider there's a LOT going on.
If you have any audio or video we will need to play during your act, upload it here.