Friday Nite Specials

Pins, shirts, and patches.

Joshua Kade PorterfIeld 

Watercolor drawings of adorably odd cartoon animals, many Rocky themed.

John Davey 

Strong emphasis on Rocky horror related audio, even stronger emphasis on vinyl. Additionally posters and whatever else floats my way before the date of the con.

Lola Montez Art 

Risqué illustrations, sexy paintings, and of course, Rocky Horror art merch galore! 2023 RHPS Illustrated Calendars available for preorder!

Wild and Untamed Things 

Iron-on patches, including fun designs, Pride flags, and costume replicas. Etsy Shop

Domestic Stitchery/The Ordinary Kids 

Costumes and accessories; Ordinary Kids cast merch!

Shadowcast Customs 

A stand specializing in wigs and accessories for all your shadowcast needs. Etsy Shop


RKO CON and RKO ARMY official merchandise. Etsy Shop